Values such as self-help and self-responsibility are central to how we work – change has to be accepted and come from within. Nothing will happen without honesty, and, no one knows all the answers so we need to be open-minded to all possibilities. Everyone should have equal access to ideas and everyone’s ideas given full consideration. Seeing ourselves as connected to, and part of, the natural world means we care deeply about what we do and align our work with our goals, keeping our own environmental impacts to a minimum.

With values central to what we do, we are also clear what we won’t do. So we won’t:

  • Work with organisations that seek just to tick a box 
  • Work with organisations with a core purpose at odds with our values
  • Undertake projects where our skills and approach don’t fit


Proud to be a co-operative

We chose to be worker co-operative because it is a business model that challenges the status quo and, at its core, has values and principles that reflect our own.

Co-operatives are businesses that do their best to operate transparently, responsibly, fairly, with consideration for the community and environment, and of course co-operatively!

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As signatories to the new global Co-operative Marque we are seeking to make people more aware of their choices when faced with the option of working with a co-operative.  Only organisations verified by Co-operatives UK to be suitable are able to use the marquee.