Sustainability policy for Co-operatives North West

As a director of Co-operatives North West I was really pleased yesterday when the Board adopted a new sustainability policy that we helped to draft.

The aim with the policy was to keep it simple and to the point – CNW is, after all, a small organisation with limited impacts. More than that though, we wanted to build the policy around the principles that are at the core of how all co-ops operate. The ICA Blueprint for a co-operative decade sets out the aim for co-ops to lead the way on sustainability and it is important to be clear about why co-ops, collectively, should do this. We see two main reasons for this.

The first is that sustainability is intertwined with co-operative principles, so living up to these requires embracing sustainability. The second, is that because of this link between the principles and sustainability, we believe that there is a co-operative advantage and by building on this the co-op movement can grow from strength to strength (see a previous blog on this topic).

Anyway, do have a look at the policy. As ever the key thing is making sure the policy is put into practice and that the Action Plan that has been produced to sit alongside it is acted upon.


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