Social housing provider explores community energy

Sustainable Change Co-operative was invited to help Aster Group, a large social housing provider, explore how it might support the development of co-operative and community energy projects within its estate and communities. A variety of practical options were proposed, drawing on existing co-operative and community groups; what is happening locally to Aster; community share offers; the knowledge of other specialists in co-operative energy; and wider research.  

It was a truly collaborative project with ideas flowing both ways, leading to a flexible final document designed to be split into sections to suit different audiences across Aster.  For example, the report included a set of individual diagrams each depicting  a different idea that provide a quick visual view of the pros and cons of different community energy models.

The findings considered the specific aspirations and demands of the Aster team developing the strategy, whilst offering realistic opportunities for a community energy programme beneficial to Aster’s business, its customers and the wider community.