Shale gas in the UK - what do you think?

Having contributed to the Tyndall Centre's and Co-operative's recent 'Environmental and climate impacts of shale gas' report, we have our own opinions on the topic, not least that a precautionary approach is essential.  Two key arguments presented in the report 1) LOCAL POLLUTION: local pollution and risk to ground/surface water contamination, considered important to suspend drilling within New york State until the risks of large scale drilling or 'fracking' are better known, 2) GLOBAL EMISSIONS: emissions of carbon dioxide from shale gas are likely to be in addition to existing fossil fuels (rather than substituted for) so we have less chance of avoiding dangerous climate change and staying below 2 degrees C.  The report comes at the same time as the release of Gasland, a provocative new documentary supported by the The Co-operative as part of it's wider campaigns on exploitation of fossil fuel, which an Observer review says is 'Essential viewing'.  An industry response to the report is predictably cool, with one response stating that the report 'lacks scientific evidence'.  What do you think?


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