Dr Steven Glynn

For most of my working life I have been focused in some way on addressing environmental issues. During that time, the need for action has become more urgent and I feel that the changes required have become more fundamental. Tweaking business as usual won’t work. My interests are on facilitating major shifts in both organisational and personal action. Central to this, in my view, is a need to reawaken our love and engagement with the natural world and to develop a deeper sense of care – for the natural world, of which we are part; for our fellow humans; and for ourselves. Every day is a learning experience and I am always looking for new ideas, new thinking, and new approaches that might make a difference.

Being involved in work on climate change and other issues is not always easy and solutions can seem a long way off. But I approach my work (and life) with a sense of what Joanna Macy calls ‘active hope’, the idea that we do things not because we are sure of success but because we believe in what we are trying to achieve and wish to play an active role in trying to bring it about.

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Fiona Nicholls MIEMA CEnv

An environmental science ‘O’ level back in 1984 first captured my imagination on the challenges our beautiful planet faces, and was the spark that ignited a career. An MSc in Environmental Protection led to exciting roles in two innovating not-for-profit sustainability enterprises, working directly with small businesses, universities, EU partners, regional agnecies etc to do our best to change thinking on a wide range of environmental and soical issues.  With 10 years experience and an ever growing passion for ethics and 'good' environmental management, I co-founded Sustainable Change Co-operative in 2007. More recently, I took up a part time lead environment role with global law firm Gowling WLG (UK), and relishing test out all the ideas in my head!

I'm a Non-Executive Director at the Phone Co-op, a national consumer co-operative and true ethical telecomms business. Any spare time is filled giving my home an eco makeover (chornicled at my retrofit blog) and making a garden fit for the future.

You can find me on Linkedin and Twitter.