Our services

Addressing current environmental problems requires more than incremental change and 'being less bad'. It is beyond legal compliance, recycling, limited targets and CSR. It is about doing things differently. This level of change cannot be imposed it has to come from within and we offer four services to help you make this happen.


Informing – ensuring that you have what you need, when you need it, in a format that works

As experienced environmental researchers and advisors, we know that having timely and relevant information can make all the difference...to campaigns and lobbying, services, product design, surveys, press releases, workshops, communications and initiatives. Our focus is on delivering something that serves a clear purpose and which you can take ownership of.  Whether it’s about climate change or net positive, pollution or biodiversity, circular economy or carbon, community renewables or CR, we can add value.


Planning and doing – understanding impacts, defining goals and putting plans into action

When you understand the issues and know where you are headed, real progress can happen. Ambitious and clear goals – informed by your ideas, our experience and good practice (e.g. Future Fit for Business) – are a major driver of change when implemented well. They must be guided by a clear assessment of environmental risk and impacts and have buy–in at a senior level - we pass on our skills so you can do this and shape your own strategies, policies and action plans.  We also know about environmental regulations and compliance, auditing, and ways to reduce energy use, manage carbon, tackle waste and pollution.  By sharing this knowledge with you, and asking challenging questions, you will be better equipped to make a true difference.  


Developing people – giving people the skills and confidence to make changes happen

It is people who make things happen and great leadership is about helping the people who work with you be the best they can be. Our approach always has capacity, skills and confidence development built-in. Whatever you are seeking to achieve will be more effective if the people doing it are competent, fully understand the purpose and enjoy what they are doing. We work alongside individuals and teams –mentoring-on-the-go, facilitating, designing and delivering workshops, and providing advice. More formal training is also available.


Implementing systems – enabling you to make the most of systems, standards and tools

Certificated standards such as the environmental management system ISO14001 and energy management system ISO50001 offer real possibilities for organisations to manage things better. So why do they often feel like a burden? The language used can be a barrier and concepts hard to fathom in the time you have available. Working alongside you, inputting specialist knowledge when needed, we can help you quickly come to terms with the requirements and find ways forward that make the system effective for you, and part of the business not on the sidelines. Sometimes a formal system just isn’t appropriate and we will tell you if we think that is the case and suggest alternative ways and means to proceed. 


Call us to find out more about these services. Take a look at our free guidance materials, designed to help you think things through yourself.