Developing people

Co-operatives UK: leading by example

Co-operatives UK wanted to develop a better understanding of what sustainability meant to them as an organisation and then to think about how to apply it internally and to members. We designed and ran a workshop to assist all staff to collectively develop a definition of sustainability. Core to the session was an exercise where people ‘transported’ themselves to a remote island and worked out the rules to live by so life might flourish indefinitely. Going back to basics like this allows participants freedom to develop ideas free from everyday constraints.

Oldham Council demonstrates environmental leadership

Fiona's expertise and advice was invaluable and we couldn't have done it without her. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to work with us in a way which was challenging but supportive at the same time. She also helped us to develop key individuals so that we could sustain the system ourselves. Three years on and we have just achieved reaccreditation - a testament to the excellent work Fiona did with us at the start of our ISO 14001 journey.

Emma Alexander, Executive Director, Oldham Council

Oldham Council achieved accreditation to UKAS ISO14001 in 2012 and it’s the policy team that got it there, with a helping hand from us. Efforts to get it going had been underway for many years but staff changes, cut backs and different layers of complexity and style, had started to turn it into a bit of trial. We were brought in to get it on track.

Energy saving for community buildings

"The input from Fiona and Steven, and Sustainable Change's network of contacts, delivered what we needed, often going beyond what was strictly required.Great partner!"

Nick Harris, Business Development Manager, Threshold

Sustainable Change Co-operative supported Threshold, a charity supporting homeless and vulnerable people, to win and deliver a programme of projects to reduce energy demand in homes and the community. Working alongside Creative Concern and Action for Sustainable Living (AFSL), as well as Oldham Council and Oldham College, a variety of tools and approaches were tested.

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