ISO14001 success for Oldham Council

Congratulations to Oldham Council, recently awarded an UKAS ISO14001 certificate.  Oldham has had aspirations to strategically manage environmental impacts for many years but has struggled to get the framework Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. Sustainable Change Co-operative was taken on in 2011 to help make this happen and is proud to have contributed to this achievement.

What did it involve?

Climate report gloom

The last couple of weeks has seen a rash of new climate change reports fighting for attention and hoping to influence the annual jamboree the is the Conference of Parties no.18. As the hope builds – surely after 17 goes we have to make a breakthrough this time – what message do these new reports bring?

Co-operatives embracing sustainability

I was hugely encouraged to see that the draft Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade includes the goal for “the co-operative form of business, by 2020, to become the acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability”. This is something that we really believe in and was the subject of the workshop that I delivered at Co-operatives United.

Sustainability and psychology - lesson to learn

What can we learn from psychology to make sustainability in business work? Quite a lot if the event I was at yesterday is anything to go by.

Suma – a thriving sustainable business at Co-ops United last week

Having bought Suma products for years from Unicorn (to which I’m addicted), and learned more about the business through workers who’ve been there for eons, I can see that they genuinely get it – sustainability that is.

What’s different about Suma?