Blue Economy and inspiring action

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending a talk by Gunter Pauli on the Blue Economy (organised by MERCi).

Oldham Co-operative Energy Event, 29 March

St John's Sunshine (urban solar for communities), Saddleworth Hydro and Carbon Co-op (low carbon measures for streets and neighbourhoods) will be all the talk at an EVENT (click to see the flyer) in Oldham next week. 

Energy is more than technology

“Yes but this technology can generate XMWh at £Y/MWh...”

“But this technology only emits Ztonnes of Carbon/MWh...”

Much of our discussions about energy seem to take this narrow techno-economic form. Yes, we need to think about how we generate all the megawatts we need but we also need to broaden our scope and think about how energy is embedded in our society and the implications different technologies have for how we live our lives.

Art, emotion and climate change

Last week I read an article in Nature Climate Change (subscription required) by David Buckland who set up the Cape Farewell project. This is about promoting a cultural engagement with climate change and trying to find different ways of communicating the reality of what it happening. Scientific arguments appeal to our reason but we are no rational beings and this taps into only a small part of how our views are formed.