Business benefits of sustainability: time for a rethink?

I was just reading an article by Chad Park, Executive Director of Natural Step Canada where he argues that CSR is a flawed approach.

Coops Environment Surgery

As it is the third Thursday of the month we are running our Environment Surgery again. The idea is that you ask any environmental related questions that are an issue for your enterprise and we will try and give you an answer either today or tomorrow (as detailed as time and format will allow). Just put any questions as a comment below.

Co-operation and sustainability

Today is the official start of International Year of Co-operatives and we wanted to start the way we want to continue – by participating. So we have continued on a theme that is close to our hearts - the idea that co-operation is central to developing a sustainable society a bit further. This ‘thinking’ is very much a work in progress and all comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.