Totally enterprising with washing machines - a perfect opportunity for a community share offer?

A trip to Skelmersdale to pick up some pre-ordered planters 100% recycled from furniture, washing machine drums and old mattresses unearthed even more treasures.

Budget 2011 reaction

Our initial reaction to the Budget 2011 was one of dismay but has that changed after a little reflection? Are things really that bad? Well a quick skim of the press would suggest that they certainly are. George Monbiot describes the budget as “the blackest budget in living memory”, saying it “is perverse, regressive, destructive, cowardly”.

Renewable Heat Incentive - does it deliver?

The Government announced the details of its Renewable Heat Incentive today and the key question is how does it shape up? First thing to say is that this is the first scheme of its kind and this Government should be applauded for carrying through the work of the previous Government in getting such a scheme in place. The second thing to say is that we should not underestimate the importance of this.

More evidence for delaying shale gas drilling

The first of the Key Conclusions in the recent report by the Tyndall Centre, Sustainable Change Co-operative and Anthony Footit for The Co-operative was that “Evidence from the US suggests shale gas extraction brings a significant risk of ground and su