New office - 100% reused

With a new office in central Manchester we challenged ourselves to a 100% reused/recycled refurb.   A shabby chic mix and match of second hand clobber seemed a plausible low cost option, with plenty of unloved tables and chairs adorning garages and spare rooms of contacts and friends.  Although we were desperate to rescue items from an unknown fate we needed an office to be proud of and, lacking interior design nous, a more planned approach was called for.  The first focus was the floor.  What was once a classy chequered black and white tile array was now coated in

Co-operatives - reasons to be positive

Interesting to read the Co-operatives UK publication, Good Business: Public perceptions of co-operatives. It reviews survey evidence that suggests 84% of people know what a co-operative is, although only 22% can actually name more than one.