Shale gas in the UK - what do you think?

Having contributed to the Tyndall Centre's and Co-operative's recent 'Environmental and climate impacts of shale gas' report, we have our own opinions on the topic, not least that a precautionary approach is essential.  Two key arguments presented in the report 1) LOCAL POLLUTION: local pollution and risk to ground/surface water contamination, considered important to suspend drilling within New york State until the risks of large scale drilling or 'fracking' are better known, 2) GLOBAL EMISSI

Passivhaus refurb - the kind of ambition we need

Just came across this blog outlining how a person called Adam is in the process of converting their 1970s house into a Passivhaus – a standard that results in around 90% savings on energy compared to a normal house. A quick look through it shows that this is no easy task but it is a good example of the kind of action that we do need to be taking if we are serious about matching the rhetoric of keeping climate change below 2oC.

Making sustainability part of your business - getting started

[This was first posted on the Innospace blog] 

So you want to put sustainability issues at the heart of your business – but where do you start?

Hopefully the first post in this series highlighted why sustainability is so important to your business. This second post will explore how to get started.