Carbon targets - how low should you go?

Your organisation recognises that climate change is a defining issue and is planning on reducing carbon emissions but what targets do you set? Here are a few thoughts: 

Future Fit Benchmark unravels sustainability goals

It is easy to talk about sustainability in organisations but what does that really mean? There has always been a lot of room for interpretation in answering this but the new Future Fit Business Benchmark could change that.

Ambitious targets

An eco retrofit adventure

I’ve thought for sometime how great it would be to self build a property to Passiv Haus standards, and with all the trimmings.  It would be made of the most natural long-lasting, reused / reusable and innocuous materials I could find, and with the future built in.  Well of course this comes at a price, and one currently beyond my reach.  However an opportunity to tackle the next best thing as I saw it, a home retrofit, has captured my imagination.

Do we need a sustainability vision?

In a recent article, Jo Confino argued that the greatest risk to the sustainability movement was in failing to articulate a compelling vision of the future that is prosperous yet stays within planetary boundaries. This need for a ‘vision’ is often articulated.

Why Co-operative Principle 7 matters for sustainability

The values of co-operation link closely to those inherent in sustainability. This makes the co-operative model a natural fit with efforts to promote sustainability but does not mean that individual co-ops will automatically act in a way that promotes this.