Is sustainability in the 'DNA' of co-ops?

I was intrigued by the headline of a recent article discussing the synergy between co-operation and sustainability. Apparently co-ops have the “DNA of sustainability”. What could that mean? What constitutes the DNA of co-operatives and of sustainability? The answer that I came to was values. Values represent our “guiding principles” and profoundly influence our attitudes and behaviour. This might not make them ‘DNA’ but it does, I think, catch the spirit of the headline.

Building sustainability through co-operation

There is a need to position co-operatives as “builders of sustainability” according to the International Co-operative Alliance document Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade. We support this notion wholeheartedly. It is in that spirit that we offer our thoughts and suggestions on what has been said, and what needs to happen now.

Co-ops part of the story of solutions

I've been impressed by the Story of Stuff films over the last few years, and the new one doesn't disappoint.  The developers of the Story of Solutions, released today, get that it's about changing the end goal to 'better' not 'more'.  Common sense really but they manage to get over an uplifting message that we can all relate to...people really can make a difference piece by piece.

Will the new IPCC report change anything?

The new report from the IPCC is, understandably, getting a lot of press coverage today. It is the result of a global collaboration between scientists to assess the available evidence for climate change and the message is pretty clear. The Earth is warming, it is caused by greenhouse gases and humanity is making a major contribution to this increase.... Haven’t we heard this before?

Three Bees co-operate to make soap and save bees

File 215In a meeting with the members of Three Bees this week, I couldn’t help but be excited at what they’re doing for bees and the environment...and the prospect of all they plan to do.