Do we need a sustainability vision?

In a recent article, Jo Confino argued that the greatest risk to the sustainability movement was in failing to articulate a compelling vision of the future that is prosperous yet stays within planetary boundaries. This need for a ‘vision’ is often articulated.

Why Co-operative Principle 7 matters for sustainability

The values of co-operation link closely to those inherent in sustainability. This makes the co-operative model a natural fit with efforts to promote sustainability but does not mean that individual co-ops will automatically act in a way that promotes this.

Social housing offers lots numerous opportunities for community energy

We have just finished a really interesting piece of work in partnership with Aster Property in the South West. This housing provider's eagerness to explore ideas for co-operative and community energy, both associated with its own propety and also in and around the community, is reassuring and refreshing. A short case study highlights our approach to the task.


Is sustainability in the 'DNA' of co-ops?

I was intrigued by the headline of a recent article discussing the synergy between co-operation and sustainability. Apparently co-ops have the “DNA of sustainability”. What could that mean? What constitutes the DNA of co-operatives and of sustainability? The answer that I came to was values. Values represent our “guiding principles” and profoundly influence our attitudes and behaviour. This might not make them ‘DNA’ but it does, I think, catch the spirit of the headline.

Building sustainability through co-operation

There is a need to position co-operatives as “builders of sustainability” according to the International Co-operative Alliance document Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade. We support this notion wholeheartedly. It is in that spirit that we offer our thoughts and suggestions on what has been said, and what needs to happen now.